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Joe Volpe has a lot of stories about mushroom hunting and fishing. In his first book, he tells stories about hunting morel in the springtime and hens of the woods in the fall. He'll never draw you a map to his favorite hunting spots, but he will gladly take you on some adventures in the timber. Make sure you bring your burlap sacks and bushel baskets, because by the end of your trek, you will be loaded down like a mule with enough mushrooms to hold you until the next hunting season.

You won't believe it, but Joe can spot trees that are likely to have edible fungus from the road while he is driving! He has been known to stop the car and knock on strangers' doors - and with his friendly smile say "I'm just here for the mushrooms".


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Joe Volpe
dvolps Rome, IL, USA

Fecha de publicación  04 de agosto de 2010

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