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Just a bit of silliness in print from one of the most profound minds living just outside Vacation Land, USA. Subtle & clever in prose bound wit, it goes well with red wine & fits conveniently on the standard sized coffee table when not being read aloud with avid excitation & screaming enthusiasm.
Add to that the fact that it is guaranteed small pox free and you have yourself a damn good read.


Acerca del autor

Gabriella Garofalo
teamtrauma Outside Vacation Land

Fecha de publicación  25 de julio de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  40 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Humor

Etiquetas  , , , , ,

Comentarios (2)


THEPatriot dice

I've always suspected that there maybe something not quite right in the head of the author, but after having read the samples provided herein, I must say that I was right on all levels. What ever is wrong with her is no small thing!
But what's frieghtening is how enjoyable, different and fresh this book is......I like it, god help me I do like it so!!!!!

Great book fruitsnack!

THE Patriot!

publicado 28 de jul. a las 12:41 PST


sugarlessmom dice

This is silliness in a brilliant mind. Humor with thought, humor with a Mexican wrestling outfit and humor in Vacation Land...P.S. I can tussle in a jumpsuit, if it has handy pockets...

publicado 26 de jul. a las 19:10 PST


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