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A quick review of some of the many pictures of dance in and around the Kansas City area by dancer and dance photographer Mike Strong.

Most of these photos are also shown on www.KCDance.Com (website) which I created to keep track of where to get dance lessons and where to go dancing as well as where to see dance in the greater KC area. I (Mike Strong) am web monkey, programmer and content provider and I wrote it to allow anyone to add their own events and calendar announcements to my site without charge.

This small book was created at the last minute for PBN 2010. I had gotten emails about it but thought the emails were spam. So when I realized what was up I was all but out of time. This is what I could quickly put together in a shade more than 2 hours (9 pm to 11:10).

This first edition leaves out most of the performance dance pictures I have because I didn't have time to ask. Some were done for the dance companies rather than as media/editorial shots so they are in separate archives.

But at least this book is a good start toward collections of my dance photos which I keep meaning to put together as an all-encompassing range of work on dance. The content of the pictures is informed by my own "muscle memory" as a dancer. The more dance I learn the better I shoot dance. We are talking about "subject knowledge" guiding the documentation - which is what this is.

The next step for me is to go back over my work for documentation of dance in the KC area pulling together social, performance, schools, dancers and teachers, into a larger work or set of works. This, combined with video is a work in progress.


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Mike Strong
kcdance Kansas City, Missouri USA
I date my photography from 1967 when I took a summer course at the University of Nebraska. Cameras have been with me ever since, regardless of the job, sometimes fully in photography or using photography. Ballroom dancing, starting in 1994 brought me into dance photography until today almost all my photography is dance. I shoot either stills or video of a number of dance companies in the KC area and (since 1997) keep a calendar of events, lessons, dances, concerts on my website. KCDance also (no surprise) has extensive pictures of dance in KC as well as data on dance companies, studios, instructors and more, offering a free database where dancers/studios may enter their own calendar information.

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