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The photographs in this book were taken in three places in north India--the state of Gujarat and the cities of Varanasi and Mussoorie--during the spring of 2008. I was traveling with my daughter, Susie. I was seventy and she forty, in a once in a lifetime 70/40 trip together.
I took a great number of photographs of many kinds, but these are all closeup, eye to eye, portraits. They are what happens when an elderly, rotund American man is touched in the gut or the groin, not a cerebral process, by people who dazzle him. In bad Hindi I nudged those that touched me into places where the background and light were right and then did my dance to elicit a response. Then I took many shots, depending upon luck for the photograph that touched me most.
And what were these strangers thinking? If in villages where I was with Indian development workers whom they trusted, they didn’t mind having their photographs taken. In the cities these total strangers were used to photography although rarely had been photographed themselves. But it was always an odd encounter. When I promised a copy, which I always delivered, they were glad to have photographs they could put on a wall or in the cellophane leaved books which every Indian family has.
These photographs are the record of our brief dance together, eye to eye, in which I shared my passion and they shared the force of their special presence and we had a brief bantering good time.


Acerca del autor

Bill Mosher
Billybaba Asheville, North Carolina
I grew up in India where my parents were Presbyterian agricultural missionaries and have taught at Warren Wilson College most of my life. My photographs are of north India and Sri Lanka where I have traveled many times; of Germany, which is my wife, Kathe's, home; and of the Swannanoa Valley and Asheville, North Carolina and of students and staff at Warren Wilson College, in Swannanoa just outside Asheville. Lately I have also been photographing weddings at Hidden River Events.

Fecha de publicación  15 de julio de 2010

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Comentarios (18)


littlebird11 dice

Wow this book is so perfect, congradulations

publicado 09 de mar. a las 22:11 PST


tsleggs dice

really lovely photos!

publicado 06 de feb. a las 13:04 PST


dianaglasgow dice

I love the premise. I LOVE the results! I was touched that you shared their photos with them. And I thank you for sharing it all with us.

publicado 10 de ene. a las 23:08 PST


Ladyjo dice

Inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing.

publicado 01 de ene. a las 14:40 PST


onggi dice

Bill, this is a collection of awesome portraits. I have travel in India, Nepal, Ceylon/Srilanka, Burma, Western China, Afghanistan & Iran. You have nailed it here. I have just posted BEAUTIFUL IRELAND scraned from prints from a two week 2000 trip to Ireland. Check it out if you wish.

publicado 30 de nov. a las 18:30 PST


foxwalker dice

Job well done! U have really made a connection with the subjects.
I always felt that the Hindi make for great photo subject, especially after traveling there myself (central & north inc. Ladakh & Kashmir).
U have inspired me, I might say.

publicado 21 de sep. a las 16:24 PST


foxwalker dice

Really good-way to go!
U have made a genuine connection in every page, which I strive for as well, I enjoyed it. especially since I traveled through India myself (central & north all the way 2 Ladakh & Kashmir)

publicado 21 de sep. a las 16:19 PST

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