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And We Wait… is a story about survival along the Gulf of Mexico during the worst oil spill in US history. Massive amounts of crude oil have been pouring into the Gulf's pristine waters since the last week of April 2010. June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season—a phenomenon that is faced with dread each year for those living in vulnerable areas. This year, it has an added threat: the oil could well get into the Gulf Stream and wash ashore along the Gulf coast of Florida, up through the Atlantic side and across to Europe. Florida's Gulf coast is a haven for countless shore and wading birds and its waters sustain dolphins, turtles, manatees and myriad fish species. We've already seen the devastation the oil has created along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida's panhandle. Here, on the gulf's southern shores, everything is shrouded in uncertainty for our future and the survival of wildlife. Through it all, this wildlife continues to thrive and carry out the business of daily living with joy and exuberance.

The major focus of the book is the discovery of young osprey chicks on Sanibel Island, Florida--one of the many barrier islands on the Gulf. Patricia Downey, a wildlife photographer, narrates their story.


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Patricia Downey
ospreychick Estero, Florida, United States

Patricia Downey is the owner of Photos under the Sun, a photography enterprise located in Southwest Florida. She specializes in portraiture and wildlife photography. Her fine art images and note cards are available for purchase.

A native of Ireland, she did her undergraduate studies in Perpignan, France and holds an M.A. and M. Ed from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Her blog contains images and stories about wildlife--primarily situated in Florida.

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barberelli dice

SO EXTREMELY GORGEOUS!!! Amazing photographs of birds - creatures of flight! My sister got married on Sanibel Island during a hurricane in 1999, a windy but fun day. You sure captured so many lovely images! My favorites are the pelicans catching food and the fully stretched out hawks taking for flight. Great job!

publicado 29 de ago. a las 05:22 PST


redtreeme dice

Powerful message and comments to boot.

publicado 18 de ago. a las 14:06 PST


drjimberger dice

A beautiful snapshot of the life of the Ospreys! Who knew these birds were such characters! A beautiful expression of life in the midst of uncertainty. Your love of the wildlife of Florida and the Gulf shines through the pages. Here is hoping that the coast stays clean where you are. Then again, the hurricanes are coming....

publicado 15 de jul. a las 15:28 PST


runningwild dice

lovely phtography, terrible philosophy .. i am going to be very rude now .. what about bhopal (indians, so it doesn't matter if the usa pollutes the third world ) that rig that went down off the coast fo scotland with the loss of a couple of hundred lives (british, mainly , so dispensable ) usa is very one sided in its arguments and very melodramatic ... also into illegality .. the concept of limited liabliity was rubbished for firms when the usa president demanded a huge sum for compensation, without proper estimates of what had happened, the worst polluters and the most selfish investors on the planet have finally got a bit of a mess to clear up ... they never noticed the everglades nor the louisiana wld life before , did they

publicado 14 de jul. a las 20:49 PST


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