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Read about the accomplishments of the aircraft flying in the Fleet Marine Corps today, stories of some of the men and women currently serving, and the beauty that exists in Afghanistan & Iraq.

- A compilation of photos & stories 3 and a half years in the making
- Never before seen photos and stories
- Contributions by Marine Officers, Active Enlisted, and Retired

Book quality:
Every book comes in a 10" by 8" landscape format with a hard or soft cover, and premium paper with a matte finish. Book contains 80 full color pages.

With articles on 6 different Marine Corps aircrafts, 9 "Women in War" character studies, portraiture of local people, and stills from urban and remote places of the countries, "Actuality" is sure to give you new insight to the occurrences in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Cory Smith
Cory_Smith Orlando, FL

Comentarios (4)


PMMurray dice

Very nicely done, great subject matter and approach to it!

publicado 24 de feb. a las 20:23 PST


frk2010 dice

Simply awesome! Evocative shots for a great and involving job. Ciao!

publicado 02 de ago. a las 01:46 PST


cleocat1946 dice

Just plain awewome !

publicado 16 de jul. a las 22:35 PST


melethia dice

An outstanding achievement! Exceptional photography of places most people don't get the opportunity to see, and some great stories written by the people who've been to those places.

publicado 15 de jul. a las 20:03 PST


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