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SOTTO VOCE is a visual meditation on the age-old questions of how much light is required to dispel darkness and just how is it to be found - the light - when surrounded by so much darkness? I like these questions in all their forms and implications.

The more than 80 images in the book, although discovered in different locations around the world, share a conceptual framework and structural style and part of what they express is my particular reverence for the quiet voice and the unresolved.

There is perhaps a quality of waiting in these images: for the story to begin, for the exchange of memory - or almost memory - in voices so low that the teller and the listener, though not well known to each other, must lean forward, quieten down, listen carefully.

Thank you for your interest. Robynne Limoges


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ldominic dice

Mystery lives in these shadows and patterns and darkly-imagined dreamscapes. If they seem familiar, it may be because many of us have spent time there too, in the hazy penumbra between the cold light of day and the dark places. This beautiful collection of pictures by Robynne Limoges captures these subtle transitions and transports the viewer into a stunning new landscape of black and white.

publicado 08 de ago. a las 17:35 PST


teenee dice

The angles and the curves - all softened by Light. Shadows within Shadows...
Am awed!

publicado 20 de jul. a las 13:28 PST


MCairns dice


publicado 14 de jul. a las 04:07 PST


bigalbaird dice

Robynne's photographs are dark but never sinister: their sensual shadows pour onto the page like half-remembered moods from the twilight between the worlds of consciousness and dream. Intimate yet respectful. It is a rare talent such as Robynne's that can make simple light and dark convey abstracted thoughts and emotions in a way that words never can. Goosebumps. Fantastic.

publicado 12 de jul. a las 13:43 PST


robynne1 dice

I am familiar with Ms. Limoges' s work and am thrilled there is now a book to add to my collection. Her fine-tuned, sensitive eye sees things that no one else does

publicado 09 de jul. a las 09:28 PST


lcclcm dice

I ve known Roby for almost 2 years now, she is amazing. First of all I would like to congratulates her for the new book. She worked really hard for this I know. (The book size research in the waterstone flagship store lol ) Although I knew how good she is but I still got shock when I finished Sotto Voce. love her work, the best one ever.- chloe

publicado 09 de jul. a las 00:15 PST


lgolob dice

SOTTO VOCE is filled with stunning images that evoke anticipation with every turn of the page. The artist's images reveal and introduce us to experiences through a unique exposure of light from the dark, This is a photographer with an original and cohesive photographic style. I am happy to linger as an invited guest in this artist's private museum collection of SOTTO VOCE.

publicado 08 de jul. a las 17:57 PST


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