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Laurice Palmer
Laurice Seattle, Washinton USA

Fecha de publicación  01 de julio de 2010

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  80 páginas   Papel estándar

Categoría  Cocina

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08291955jpd dice

what are receaps???

publicado 13 de dic. a las 04:45 PST


JKittredge dice

These recipes look so good, I am buying this book. It looks like down home, comfort cooking. Bravo!

publicado 10 de dic. a las 21:49 PST


stephanieem dice

what a neat idea and a wonderful thing to pass along to family members. I love the cover as well.

publicado 07 de dic. a las 21:49 PST


Laurice dice

@ dschreifels7 We had the recipes and had to scramble for the pictures. So you are ahead of the game. Just get started and it will all fall into place. It doesn't cost a thing to download the software.

publicado 07 de dic. a las 19:33 PST


dschreifels7 dice

wonderful book! i've been saving pics of family recipes, just haven't put the recipes into a book yet. you've inspired me!

publicado 07 de dic. a las 17:02 PST


illanaassoul dice

not really good, too many photos and not enough receaps

publicado 07 de dic. a las 07:46 PST


sk30143 dice

I loved the preview and Iam planning on getting a copy for my mother she loved it also , awsome ideas and pictures were magnificent

publicado 06 de dic. a las 15:50 PST


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