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The tragic haunting poetic story of a once beautiful castle in France, near Paris, built in 1855 by Armand Berthelin (who had worked with Mansart, the architect of the Versailles Castle) for a family of wealth, modelled after Versailles. The story encompasses the years of life and happiness, art, music and harmony,through recollections of imagination based on archives and articles about the castle or the family, then the years of death, decay and destruction, starting in 1939 up to now. The story is told by the castle itself, and is illustrated by 50 original photographs taken with Leica M viewfinder camera.It ultimately offers a more universal reflexion on art, creation, the two conflicting drives of Eros (life, art, beauty, senses, love, light) and Thanatos (death, decay, wars, conflicts) in Man's mind throughout centuries, and the remaining Truth of beauty beyond ages, even though the whole story is symbolic of the end of an era. The intimate relationship the castle has with nature, from beginning to end, is also an illustration of the importance of the natural world in our life and the necessity of protecting and respecting it.
Ultimately, the story can be understood as social documentary( be it artistic or historic), an allegory of the conflict between Good and Evil in Man, a love letter to Nature, in the narrative tone of a sentimental journey.
Support action to save the castle by buying the book, allowing me to print more, and perhaps create an exhibition. You will have a limited edition, and participate to a good action, for the castle is actually dying and most certainly disappearing. This is the last testimony of its existence.


Acerca del autor

Valérie Loiret
vloiret Paris, France

Humanist documentary photographer, the entwined dialogues of people, landscapes and light . Photographing in medium format, Rolleiflex and Pentacon 6
I live in Paris but spend three months a year in the US, in the Coastal Carolinas.
My work has alreaby been exhibited twice in Paris. I was trained in photojournalism and documentary photography in the USA, and studied light and composition in France. Last documentary work in Paris, All For One:

Fecha de publicación  01 de julio de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  28 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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redtreeme dice

One really has to delve into this book to appreciate the hard work, style and technical ability that has gone into it. I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

publicado 20 de ago. a las 08:02 PST


sebbarre dice

Very nice book Valerie!

publicado 03 de jul. a las 17:21 PST


Salvatorosa dice

This is a very poetical and lyrical book. The pictures are awesome. Colours outstanding;The writing pure poetry

publicado 01 de jul. a las 13:41 PST

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