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"Le Tracce" is a Saharan journey into deep southern Algeria; a tale of
absence; of the lack of familiar references, and of spaces resistant
to signs of human presence.
The desert is sand which erases. In the desert, the disappearance of
traces is a perceivable phenomenon and the rarification of spaces; of
one's natural sense of distance and proportion, and of presences,
renders objects that have been abandoned precious, in that they give
expression to the traces of others' journeys.
Fleeting traces, fragile and incidental, but also
prehistoric; traces of the force of nature and of the passage
of time. Paved roads, dirt tracks, oil wells, shacks, street signs,
automobile and animal carcasses, graffiti and imprints
are artifacts which acquire meaning projected onto the depth of the
infinity of the desert and are assessed
before being swallowed by time. Traces which reaffirm themselves
indelibly in the soul when one travels at these latitudes, toward a
distant horizon.


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Fecha de publicación  15 de junio de 2010

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