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This book is about my life and the struggles I have experienced and how that has changed how I create my art. It also displays my artwork over the several mediums I have experimented with in the last few years. Please take the time to check out my story most importantly because it tells about God's amazing love!


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Stephen Wiggins
Akunda4 Lexington, KY, USA
I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and went to Lafayette High school graduated in 1999 and then attended College at Berea in Berea, Kentucky. I then transferred to the University of Kentucky in the Fall of 2002 and finished my BA in Studio Art in 2005. My concentration of art mainly falls in the painting, printmaking and drawing realm. I created a book that I uploaded to which features a portfolio of my undergraduate work. My artwork is very abstract, while also remained very tightly drawn in a very realistic manner. Very illustrative with bright colors and my signature "curls". My art is mainly focused on showing the how God can transform anyone. It is approached in a very abstract manner. A way that invites and doesn't push away. I achieve this by making my work about my thoughts and feelings in a very cathartic manner that allows the viewer to ask questions and to let a conversation begin.
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