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The book '41 Horizons' aims to investigate on subjects of notions of space - belonging and development in the mythological landscapes and culture of Iceland. The island remains in astonishing natural flux, and variations can be seen in the landscape, created by the power of the nature. Within the varied environments of the island, hidden creatures inhabit stones, trees waterfalls and mountains: elves, fairies, gnomes, light-fairies, mountain spirits, and Iceland’s own ‘Huldufolk’. 53 percent of Icelanders either believe, or no dot deny, the existence of that the hidden creatures and their dwellings and great consideration for the other beings is taken when building and developing in the environment.

The camera has in this project been used as a tool in the process of exploring the relationship between humans and the hidden creatures in the landscapes of the island. The images display juxtaposition between the landscapes, fantasy, culture and myth; the boundaries that challenges the human perception makes us question the space around us, our space in the world.

‘One can actually photograph everything that can be photographed. The imagination of the camera is greater than that of every single photographer and that of all photographers put together. This is precisely the challenge to the photographer’ (Flusser, in Towards a Philosophy of Photography, p. 20).


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Marianne Skogstad Bjornmyr
marianne_bj9 London

Fecha de publicación  02 de junio de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  54 páginas   Papel ProLine no estucado

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