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New York City. Street art. Architecture. Beautiful colors. Enjoy.


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Josee Tellier
missjojo Montreal, Canada

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mckevins dice

Hi Josee,

Very intriguing photos and great graphics on the cover, too!

It's so interesting to recognize some of the same locations tread upon, but the act of photo-taken is so different. I agree, New York City is a dream for photographers. There are little gems everywhere if we keep your eyes open to it. Surprisingly, New Yorkers, who in fact live there everyday, pass up some amazing juxtapositions placed right before there eyes.

Here's some of my views. Perhaps you'll recognize of few. ;)

Best of luck,


publicado 06 de oct. a las 07:24 PST


missjojo dice

Wow, thank you so much for the compliments! Very much appreciated.
Grabbing all those art pieces on camera, was quite a task! You gotta look for them! Some are very tiny, very discreet. Some others are big and flashy. I love NY! I love Montreal too! Montreal has so much to offer, design speaking. You should come and have a look for yourself!

publicado 10 de ene. a las 15:38 PST


Duascores dice

Sorry, but also i wold LOVE to know Montreal!!!

publicado 10 de ene. a las 08:15 PST


Duascores dice

Its very interesting! I guess you are from Canada and have a AMAZING eye view from NYC. Very little people has a good eyes about NYC graffiti and the city as well.

Its truly recommended book.

publicado 10 de ene. a las 08:14 PST


dicer1987 dice

looks very interesting!

have a look at my book Steel Canvas on London graffiti! Peace.

publicado 25 de oct. a las 23:06 PST

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