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Raised a sixth generation Mormon, and "Eternally Married" for sixteen years with three children, Steve takes you through the trials of growing up gay in the stringent and unforgiving world of Mormonism.

Fighting not only the bizarre doctrines and rituals of the Mormon Church, he worked his way through years of Evergreen, the Mormon Church's "Conversion Therapy" program, where a cure from homosexuality was promised him.

How does a gay Mormon come to grips with not only his own adversarial sexual orientation, but the belief system that has programmed his mind and escape relatively unharmed and overly joyous? It wasn't easy!

If you've ever wondered what kinds of secrets and unusual beliefs lie under the smiling surface of Mormondom, or how a gay member is treated, this book will humorously enlighten you.


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Steven Lee
steveleeinco Boulder County, Colorado

I currently reside in Boulder County, Colorado. I have been in a committed and loving gay relationship with a man for over five years, and we raise six children together, sharing our children's successes and challenges together.

Fecha de publicación  19 de mayo de 2010

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ncharles00 dice

This article appeared on my page, profiling Steve's book.
Nancy Charles, M.A.,LPC - Denver Wellness Examiner

Life lessons from a gay ex-Mormon - local author Steve Lee

I recently met with a local author, Steve Lee, about his book "Falling Into Life". It is a poignant, starkly truthful and intensely illuminating true story of his exodus from the Mormon faith and his coming out as a gay man after 16 years of marriage, 3 kids and a lifetime with very structured beliefs. One of those central beliefs being that it is not ok to be gay and that he could "learn" not to be a homosexual.

First impressions are that this is a confident, charming, sweet and funny man, who doesn't seem to have had a moment of hardship in his life. More, he is easy going, laughs burst forth from him with natural spontaneity and he talks with much love about his family and his life. Once Steve starts talking about his past, however, you begin to see a deep scar of pain (if you look closely enough).

It's a story that sounds like a movie. There are secrets, mysteries, drama, sex, family turmoil, unreal moments of pain and loss, all wrapped up in what, I believe, is a true love story. The love story is about Steve, his love of living and the tremendous sacrifices he made to live an authentic and genuine life, to finally live the truth.

Written a year ago, "Falling Into Life", is a self-published book about the choice to leave behind all that the author had been taught about what is right, what is good and how to be happy and he was willing to lose everything and everyone in order to live on the outside, the way he felt inside. It was an excruciating decision to either allow himself to die, both literally and figuratively or to kill all that was familiar along with nearly every aspect of his external world that mattered.

Steve describes the journey in his book as the ultimate battle to "transcend pain, to believe that you are more valuable than anything else, to live the Golden Rule, meaning don't hurt others AND don't hurt yourself and to fulfill our human calling to live genuinely". Powerfully true words from a man whose life experience has profound meaning not only in the depth of pain he endured but, more importantly, his hard-won arrival at a life of love and joy.

publicado 13 de ago. a las 14:56 PST


jhgroesbeck dice

Falling Into Life is a touching, poignant account of the miraculous journey of the author. Steve has captured what it is to truly be one's self, to live a genuine life. I caught myself gasping out loud several times as I read his book and realized what his journey really was. The written illustration of his story is beautiful and genuine.

Anyone who is struggling with allowing themselves to be who they truly are, love who they truly do, or say what they truly mean will benefit from reading this book.

publicado 04 de ago. a las 08:25 PST


alikayb2003 dice

Touching. Stinging. Beautiful. Healing. True. Important. Steven Lee is an eloquent writer, whose expressions of his life experiences are both heart-wrenching and insightful. I am positive that most people have no idea what gay mormons have to face from the moment they are aware enough to understand who they are. This book contains a lesson that we all need to learn.

publicado 02 de ago. a las 16:35 PST


beaniecapguy dice

This is one from the heart - as honest an account as one is likely ever to read on the subject of being gay and Mormon. Steve doesn't pull any punches but he also heaps praise and compassion where it's due. And he goes deep into the subject matter, even when it doesn't necessarily compliment him.

I've been a part of Steve's story for many years and yet the book still opened up understanding for me as parts of his life that I didn't know about unfolded page by page. I've heard people over the years ask, "What's the big deal with being gay and mormon?" Steve's story lays it out clearly and honestly.

publicado 02 de ago. a las 14:17 PST


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