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In 1993, Arcades were being packed with people from all around; why? Because Midway had just released their much anticipated sequel, Mortal Kombat 2! More characters, more moves, more fatalities; anyone who liked the first Mortal Kombat couldn't resist the challenge of this truly worthy addition!

In this book I document much of the history, preliminary design, character development, media outlets and secrets of the Outworld realm!

Shao Kahn's final effort to claim the Earth realm was about to take place; could Liu Kang and the others stop him, Shang Tsung and the armies of the Outworld again?
The Kombat Kontinues...


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Christopher Gaizat
darkgaizat Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Graduated from ITT Tech in 2006 in Computer Networking. I love drawing, making movies, computers, Early Christian History, Spiderman, Superman, Final Fantasy VII, my Wii, my wife and my friends (but not in this order).

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