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If you find yourself having one of those days more and more often, and you've considered ditching your career and becoming a biker chick, this book is for you. The Working Woman’s Rant & Rave Guidebook offers audacious advice for handling everyday workplace challenges that make you want to scream. 

Riddled with irritations, exasperations, and unrealistic workplace demands, today's work environment can turn a reasonable woman into a ranting shrew. The Working Woman’s Rant & Rave Guidebook dedicates a chapter to six areas of common workplace challenges; Co-workers, Bosses, Communication, Productivity & Accountability, Promotions, and Stress & Life Balance. Each chapter combines humor and a heap of sarcasm with stories, strategies, and scripts for turning the career-killing compulsion to complain into career-building skills. Following four guiding principles; be diplomatic, be assertive, focus on problem-solving, and take personal responsibility for your success, this book helps you transform hair-pulling workplace aggravations into positive interactions that solve problems, increase productivity, build effective workplace relationships, and enhance your credibility and career opportunities.


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Gina Covell Maddox
ginaspeaks Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

Gina Maddox is a writer and professional motivational speaker. Her powerful, positive message has helped thousands of people across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean believe in themselves, trust in their abilities, and confidently take on new challenges. She resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida, with her wonderful husband, and an orange cat named Boudreaux.

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DrDonnaMc dice

Love Gina's book! Real life experience and advice that actually works. She made me laugh, sometimes at myself, in this book. Well done, Gina.

Dr. Donna Mc

publicado 04 de ago. a las 19:49 PST


drshelley dice

Gina is all the rage. Whatever she does it is excellent. Buy her book you will laugh and love yourself.

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
President of the International Hypnosis Federation

publicado 02 de ago. a las 15:50 PST

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