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This book is a celebration of the devotion and adoration that people show for Elvis Presley. Sometimes the fanatacism, like many other devotions, is wacky or surreal. Often it compares to a religious devotion. This phenomena is seen in Memphis, TN as a microcosm of a life that influenced the world as we see it today.

Many fans still envision the young Elvis walking down Beale Street or singing at Sun records. Many show tribute to the later phases of his life. Elvis is an integral part of life in Memphis with most people having a story about a chance encounter with Elvis or an act of Elvis' kindness. This book celebrates the pilgrimage that many people make during August for "Death Week".

My own story is, like Elvis', quite complex. I was born and raised here and have always strugled with the issues that make this town and have a lasting effect on a person's soul and their outlook on things. I have published 6 coffee table books and have had my work published in Mad Magazine, The Commercial Appeal, The Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications. My first published work was a picture of an airbrushed Elvis that was on the side of a building that has long since disappeared.

I have kept the captions simple and relevant as the words at times seem to distract from the real story. This is the first volume of these images with a second book of Elvis fan images in the works. The title of this book was borrowed from a song by Human Radio, much as Elvis borrowed Rock and Roll from the old delta bluesmen.

For over half a century, Elvis Presley has captivated the imagination of people around the globe. His legacy is Rock and Roll. Though he might not recognize this long lost child of his, it will forever be intertwined with his influence. People from around the world make pilgrimages to his former residence on Highway 51, now called Elvis Presley Boulevard. This book hopes to capture some of the spectacle, the reverence, and the spirit of those that Elvis left behind. To some Elvis fans, Graceland is the Mecca of pop-culture kitsch, but to many of the 2,500 tourists who arrive there each day... it's the hallowed shrine of a distinctly American saint.


Acerca del autor

Blake Billings
memphis Memphis,TN USA

Mr. Billings is a professional photographer with 34 years experience. He has been published in Mad Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the Dallas Sundowner, The Memphis Flyer, and several other prominent magazines around the world. His art has been shown in numerous galleries and is in several private collections. His photographs have also appeared in numerous books and cd's.

Fecha de publicación  04 de mayo de 2010

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