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Groundation Nation, the book, can be summarized in the "finale" by the same name: (for those who only wish to get to the punch line). For those who wish to take the Journey, there are over 60 pages of photographs, poems, and prose to explore. The title of this book was inspired while contemplating being Grounded - grounded by a parent/authority figure for a mis-deed, grounded after a spacious experience, grounded in beliefs that allow no Light, being too grounded so that no spaciousness is allowed, being too scattered so that no feeling of grounded-ness is present...

"Finale" begins:
"We are more than we think we are. We can be more than we think we can be...
We are fundamentally, innately, naturally, this "more". We already are. It is the relaxing into "this" that I speak about..."

Enjoy, Dear Readers. M--


Acerca del autor

Marie Jamieson
MariJami the state of Grace
I can be found roaming the wild forests and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. My art epitomizes a deeply felt connection with all things and in my poetic and photographic books, I strive to share a vision of Awake Vision. I invite you, along with me, to touch that which is most deep about us and around us, ever present - heart, mind, spirit, self , world, and beyond. Come, walk the forests with me. Come, stroll along unpeopled beaches. Come, be present wherever you are. Live an authentic Life. Come!

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