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Let me see if I can set this up for you. We are at en exclusive private location in Washington DC. A personal, concealed, contact of Mr. William’s at his beautiful 4 story loft. It was stunning. There is a Glass Fireplace. For those who don’t know, it’s a fireplace that doesn’t burn wood, it heats chopped glass. It looks like a pile of coal. I picked up a peace and its dark blue glass. The furniture was arranged well along with art work on the wall. However as nice the place looked, tonight it’s a place of business. We are behind the scenes and I witnessing what you might only get a chance to see on TV. I mean there are exotic fabrics simply laid out for the models, dresses on racks, tons of photography equipment, umbrella flashes, make up artists, three specifically chosen models my Ean Williams himself. In the air is his voice crying out orders to the staff. ~”Look straight, Hold your hand here, give me sexy!” The photographer and Ean review the shots, and if it’s not as he wants, they do it again. If it’s done right this time, they move on to the next photo session. Don’t get me wrong, Ean is no dictator, he is professional as hell. He knows how things should look for his vision and he tells you. He seems to be so focused it actually makes the models and assisting staff comfortable. I’m right in the middle of a genius at work!


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The Eric Mitchell Publishing Group, LLC
emitch333 ISSN 1934-6964 (print) 1940-5693 (online)

Mr Mitchell is a personal product of Prince George's County. Having seen the many changes in his home town he noticed the lack of print and media that exposed the great and wonderful stories rooted in Prince George's County. During a perfect time of growth, empowerment, and success; we are changing what you 'think' you know about Prince George's County and are certainly changing what you are told. A premium social magazine. Recently voted the most sought after magazine representing the good life of Prince George's County. Enjoy.

Fecha de publicación  02 de diciembre de 2007

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