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The Mythos for the Mortal book presents visual interpretations of apocalyptic mythoi—past, present, and future. Forty - plus images in full color. Detailed analysis of the nature of apocalypse. These works are both a conscious and unconscious response to childhood exposure to apocalyptic stories and form a visual record of social, political and religious interpretations of the apocalypse. The overarching theme of apocalypse (from the Greek word Apokalypsis, meaning ‘to unveil’ or ‘to reveal’) has allowed me to reconnect to my youth and heritage and has driven me to articulate more clearly a perspective regarding the future and what it will ‘reveal’ to us. I use the landscape as a stage to create narratives and metaphors expressing these ideas. These paintings and drawings are divided into four categories of apocalypse: historical, future, ecological, and personal.


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Stephanie Kolpy
Kokpy1 Atlanta, GA , USA

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