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Every image in this book was taken with my iPhone. Don't get me wrong: I love my Nikon, but I don't carry it with me wherever I go. I carry my phone everywhere.

It was not until the iPhone that I started using the built-in camera on my phone. I remember saying in 2002 that a mobile phone camera would never be a viable form of photography. I could not have been more wrong. It only took me a couple hours with the iPhone to realize that the combination of applications and ease of use make it a powerful tool for capturing images.

I decided to turn the images I am capturing into a series of short, quarterly iPhoneography journals. I plan to compile books from the images taken each quarter.

This is the first.

-- Robert

Thank you to the anyone who has bought a copy of my book. I wish blurb allowed me to see who bought a book... but they don't. I wanted to send everyone a personal thank you but since I cant do that I thought I would write something here.

If you have bought a copy of my book THANK YOU!!!

If you buy a copy of my book leave me a note and let me know what you think about it.

Again Thank You for supporting my work.

-- Robert


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Robert Barr
robertbarr Seattle, Washington.

Robert Barr has a BFA in photography from the University of Washington. He has been working with various forms of camera equipment for the past 6 years. He feels most passionate about his work in digital wide-angle photography. Robert has also held several freelance positions at magazines such as Campus Magazine in Tucson Arizona. For the past few years he has been focusing his efforts on Architecture and Urban photography. He has been providing his photographic services to clients in the real estate and general contracting fields for the past three years.

Recently I purchased an iPhone. I think someone showed me some photos they did with it. I mostly got it to surf the net while I was busy doing things around town. Shortly after getting my phone I realized the amazing potential of the iPhone camera. The best camera is the one you carry around with you always. It really helped open up my creativity I found myself taking photos of things I would not normally consider or bother taking.

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To anyone who has bought a copy of my book THANK YOU!!!

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