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John Shook was a 19 year old Illinois farm boy who volunteered to fight for the Northern cause in 1861. He wrote more than 40 letters home before being fatally wounded in the Battle of Stones River, Tennessee. His letters have been lovingly preserved by his family for over 145 years. The letters and envelopes contain historic and remarkable print art that is beautifully rendered in this book. The Shook letters are by turns patriotic and jingoistic, humorous and sad, and curious about friends and family back home. Written in the quaint country vernacular of the time without punctuation or capitalization, the book makes for fascinating ...and challenging... reading


Acerca del autor

Alfred Marion Chard
MarionChard Dublin, Ohio USA

Alfred Marion Chard was raised in Audubon, Iowa, in the dust bowl years. He graduated from the State University of Iowa and the US Navy Midshipman's School at Columbia University in 1943. After the war he was a business executive in the manufacturing industry. He is now retired and working on his second book.

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Karen41 dice

wow, this is a very interesting book---I used to live in Murfreesboro, Tn and used to visit the Stones River Battlefield and cemetary frequently --Was John Shook buried in this cemetary, or was he brought back home to Illinois?
Coincidentally, my great-great-grandfather fought on the Confederate side and his last battle was at Stones River as well because he broke his leg there and went home for a while to recover and by that time, the war was over.
Nice book

publicado 11 de abr. a las 13:37 PST

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