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A perfect union exists between photography and haiku in the portrayal of a single moment. A poet of haiku puts pen to paper to reveal the various elements of that moment, while a photographer snaps the shutter and freezes that one moment, in that one place, with that one vision.

If one pauses to reflect a bit, they could recall this feeling of being one with that moment in time. It is something everyone has experienced, whether wandering quietly through the woods and noticing a creature, gazing out the window at the snow falling, or a Sunday morning sitting on a dock watching the motion of the lake, the geese flying by and turn just in time to watch a leaf flutter to the water. The objective is to invite the reader into the experience of that single moment in time.


Acerca del autor

Jill Markwood
JillMarkwood Central Virginia

Jill S. Markwood is the photographer at Central
Virginia Community College as well as the
instructional assistant to the Communication Design
department. Ms. Markwood also teaches photography
at the Academy of Fine Arts and freelances. She has
presented her work in multiple artist exhibitions as
well as a number of solo exhibitions.

Fecha de publicación  30 de marzo de 2010

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  64 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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utanoethlich dice

beautiful photography combined with poetry that is actually digestable.Love it.

publicado 23 de abr. a las 11:42 PST


ncocco dice

Really a interesting work, compliments!

publicado 01 de abr. a las 15:45 PST


runningwild dice

lovely work .. actually you are not the only person to have done this combination,there is another one on this site .. an excellent idea well executed .. the new president of the european council van rompuy does haiku .. it is quite a popular thing to do .. love the photos

publicado 30 de mar. a las 21:22 PST

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