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The Cuban revolution took place in 1959 more as 50 years ago. And not much later, the blockade by the United States. Despite the economic poverty, where the population has still to buy food with coupons - the infamous libreta - there is also a cultural richness. The Cuban is cheerful and open. The youth smiles, the elderly enjoy the old days of abundant
sunshine. Everyone knows this situation won’t last long and waits what will come.
The opportunities for Cuba are endless: fertile soil for excellent tabaco like Cohiba, Partagas and Monte Cristo cigars. Cane crops for perfect rum in famous cocktails as Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daguirri.

The images in the book were made the last week of February and first week of March 2010. From Pinar del Rio in the West through cities like Havana and Trinidad in the middle to the East at Santiago de Cuba.

Enjoy this book with richly varied illustrations of the extremes in Cuba today.

Viva Cuba - Patria o Muerte!


Acerca del autor

Roelof Foppen
Zaazi Netherlands

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hatuey dice

Great Book.

publicado 06 de ene. a las 06:29 PST


runningwild dice

i was there in 1987 .. and even then the children were clean and educated, the women obviously have good medical care in childbirth matters, the men and women live to a ripe old age (more or less eighty ) and all done on a shoe string .. embarrassing really when you look at haiti,which was once the richest place in the americas, far richer than the states ....

publicado 30 de mar. a las 13:12 PST

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