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This condensed and smaller format book of our famous coffee table version "Fiji's Beqa Lagoon" celebrates the unique ocean region of Fiji's southern coastal reefs and sea mounts off the island of Viti Levu. This vast region is part of the southern and central Beqa Lagoon. Big sharks, scenics, overlooks, reefs, caves, aerials, culture, dance and much, much more can be found in this special region of the lush island. Every year people flock to Fiji and many of them are divers. Known for its soft corals and stunning reef life, the Pacific Harbour area and Beqa Lagoon's Shark Reef Marine Reserve are gaining great fame. This is the one of the few places on Earth that you can dive with eight different species of shark on one dive and see them in their environment. It's an amazing sight to watch the grace and power of the big, deep water sharks and the swift and silky movements of the upper reef sharks.
This is due in a huge part to the efforts of Beqa Adventure Divers who have established the Shark Reef Marine Reserve. This special reserve would not have been possible without the involvement of the Fiji Department of Fisheries and the traditional owners of the reef, the villages of Wainiyabia and Galoa. It is to them divers can extend a special thanks. Both villages have agreed to relinquish their respective fishing rights to Shark Reef and in exchange, every diver who participates on The Shark Dive pays a 'Shark Reef Marine Reserve Levy'. This money is collected by Beqa Adventure Divers and deposited monthly into each village's community bank account.
This book is a visual trip to the south of Viti Levu, its people and its undersea attractions in the famed Beqa Lagoon. See the land, the coral reefs and marine creatures, the wonderful people and Fijian culture, aerials and overlooks and, most of all, the amazing sharks.
With 159 photos spread over 80 pages, this book shows you the heart of the reserve and southern Fiji.


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Tim Rock - Double Blue Images
timrock Guam

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meoro1 dice

Tim, Thanks so very much for creating such a wonderful book to help capture the beauty of this special part of the world! I've just recently returned from a diving trip at Beqa Lagoon (including Shark Reef) and I feel lucky to have done so. I love your book and think the photos are amazing and the ones of "Papa" a classic. Andrew said you were a nice guy and a shame I didn't get to meet you.

publicado 16 de ago. a las 04:33 PST


timrock dice

Thanks Chameleon. I hope to return soon.

publicado 11 de abr. a las 04:46 PST


chameleon707 dice

Beautiful book. Your images really capture the essence of the place.

publicado 11 de abr. a las 03:17 PST


timrock dice

Jan, Thank you. It's a beautiful part of Fiji and important to our seas.

publicado 09 de abr. a las 17:12 PST


janchen13 dice

great shots and book!

publicado 09 de abr. a las 07:32 PST

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