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Upon awakening to find her family has gone on to the family Summer cabin without her, it seems to be the perfect time for her long-awaited 'test-drive' of her brand new mail-order SPARTAN VIBRATOR!

Armed with raw curiosity, christined with lust & desire, Teileigh DelGato gets more than she bargained for, when she impales herself during her very first 'mechanized' auto-erotic bliss.

Dare to peer into Teileigh's bedroom, as she teases her nervousness away, with the help of a tube of tingling Pink Tiger Balm, a lusty young heart, and an insatiable craving to feel the massive Golden Spartan pulsating wildly inside her youthful flesh down below. See what mind-melting bliss awaits her, as she embarks upon her maiden voyage of 'orgasmic euphoria'. What you find, will leave you shocked, wet, and incredibly aroused!


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Sean R. Strong
srstrong Hot Springs, Arkansas
Writing has been my passion for many years, and I've recently begun to self-publish works I've written years ago, now that there are sites like this one available. I'm a 42 yr old, single father of three, I'm self-employed and aspire to make the NY Best Seller List at least 3 times before my time is over. I welcome your email comments:

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angelleah dice

I havent been able to purchace the book yet but i cant wait to be able to read it and all ur works.

publicado 04 de ago. a las 17:26 PST


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