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A pictorial tour through England visiting such places as: The Cotswolds, Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Stonehenge, Chipping Campden, St. Michael's Mount, and more. There will be some photos with descriptions but for the most part it is a book of photographs. There are chapter pages that describe the areas, places, and events that are seen in that chapter. I tried to show the vast diversity that exists around England, and each area is a very special piece of the puzzle that we call England or Great Britain. None the less, the charm of this country is amazing and it does make one feel as though they are returning home. It is a country that has come accustomed to modern life yet has held on to everything sacred from it's past. I was truly amazed and I hope you will feel the same way if you are inclined to purchase it. This book has close to a thousand photographs.

Some of the pictures in this book can be published from my website:


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Photography by Michael Trower-Carlucci
I am a graphic designer, photographer,and fine artist. I have been making books for the past 10 years. I also sell stock photography and do restoration.

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