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Al Qaeda terrorists detonate an atomic bomb in Washington, DC, changing the lives of Americans forever. But, no life is changed more than that of James Lincoln Night-Wolf Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture in the administration of President Joshua Merkelson. In the inferno of the explosion, Jim Anderson loses the love of his life, his wife of 40 years, Liz, and is thrust violently into the presidency. Along with his own grief and anger, he inherits the fears of a nation and the task of finding out who has perpetrated this evilness upon America. He must reassure those who now work for him, reassure a nation in fear, and reassure himself that America can survive this devastating blow.

Ripped right from the headlines of the world’s newspapers, For All The Marbles examines not only the challenges our nation would face if the government leadership was decapitated, but also addresses those ugly issues from America’s own past, when we treated Native American’s with such disdain and treated African Americans as sub-human. Now that America is on the other end of evilness, will there be an understanding of just how a people feel when their land is taken from them unjustifiably? Will there be an awareness of just how awful it was that a race of people was treated as property? As a half-Sioux, Jim Anderson understands, but his task will be to communicate the same awareness to a frightened and angry nation.
At the same time, he will have to fight those who would simply destroy America. He will have to prove that goodness can come from something that was born out of such a sordid past. At the same time, he will be faced with saving America, with all of its warts, from those who are determined to see “the great Satan” removed from the face of the planet.

For his own ancestry, his wife, his son, and for the grandson he never had, President James Anderson will have to compete in a battle of wits with his own cabinet and with terrorists who have taken half of the United States - and are determined to have the rest. He will have to use all of the resources available to him as president. More than any time since the country was formed, he will have to play this game for keeps, because this time he is playing for America’s survival. This time, America is playing....

...For All The Marbles!


Acerca del autor

Jack Riston
JackRiston Shasta, CA

Fecha de publicación  04 de marzo de 2010

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  308 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Literatura y ficción

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