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All Cora Moran and her private detective friend, Mick Schreiner, want to do is steal $300,000 from a phenomenally lucky horseplayer, but soon they are caught up in shocking events way, way beyond their control. Federal agents grope in the dark as America unravels, but Schreiner and Moran keep their eyes on their own bright futures, until – that is - it gets too bright.

This "American masterpiece of black comedy" is the latest novel by the acclaimed author Russell H. Greenan.


Acerca del autor

Russell H. Greenan

Russell H. Greenan was born in Manhattan in 1925 and reared in The Bronx. He attended New York public schools, graduating from Morris High in 1942. A year later, aged 17, he enlisted in the US Navy. After the war, the GI Bill enabled him to study world literature at Long Island University. In 1966 he left the US to spend a year in Nice with his wife and three children where he wrote his first novel IT HAPPENED IN BOSTON?. This novel has become a modern classic, translated into 5 languages and is included in Random House's Modern Library. Mr. Greenan's subsequent novels have been published in the US and France, and one of them, THE SECRET LIFE OF ALGERNON PENDLETON was made into a film in 1997. Though well into his eighties, Mr. Greenan continues to work. DREAD OF NIGHT is his latest work.

Fecha de publicación  25 de febrero de 2010

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  236 páginas   Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Misterio y policiacas

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