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The album includes pictures of the largest Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Pictures gathered in this gallery were taken in September 2009.
Inscription "Arbeit macht frei" from above the main has been stolen in December 2009 and recovered after three days. The decision whether to return the original inscription on the gate of the former concentration camp will be taken after consultation with the International Auschwitz Council and the General Conservator of Historical Monuments.
Which makes the photos are ...


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Marcin Żemła
marcinz1977 Łask / Poland

Fecha de publicación  19 de febrero de 2010

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  72 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Historia

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Comentarios (2)


samtanner dice

There are interesting photos from unusual angles and details which add to the total picture you are trying to create. I am not sure about the use of sepia and colour. Do you not think that these soften the picture of this awful place? Colour has a tendency to beautify even things which are ugly. But of course, you must decide.

Sam Tanner

publicado 03 de mar. a las 12:38 PST


gerbeaud dice

Thanks for your comments on my book. You can see the rest of my Auschwitz pictures on my smugmug site: I liked your book very much, the unusual angles, the use of color mixed with b&w, the reflections... Wish you success in your photographic endeavors.

publicado 27 de feb. a las 05:56 PST

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