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www.TheWholeWheat.com is a blog & cooking website devoted to exploring healthy living & cooking. 2007 was the first year of publication and it has been a very fun journey.

For this first little book, I focused on vegetarian dishes and tried to cull some of what I consider my core recipes from the site. Additionally I think I included a nice combination of basics with good easy instructions, and a few recipes with a bit more punch. Nothing in this book is too complex though - I wanted to keep it simple and encouraging. My goal was for it to represent the purpose of this site - to make cooking healthy tasty & fun, but also to see if just maybe you might try a new vegetable or two.

All recipes are from the website. All included photography is original & copyright Kathryn Wheat.

I highly recommend the hardcover version of this book. The softcover is quite petite!

Enjoy, please visit www.thewholewheat.com to let me know your thoughts!


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Kathryn Wheat
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