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A 6 month daily blog with a photo a day and a short article about the photo.


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Tom Treloar
tomtreloar Denver Colorado

Fecha de publicación  15 de febrero de 2010

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tomtreloar dice

Thanks for the great compiment maxfocus.

publicado 16 de feb. a las 13:40 PST


Maxfocus dice

What a great book! This would be a treasure trove if opened in a time capsule in 100 years or so. (Aren't you glad you did it all with a digital camera?) Now you've got me thinking about doing something similar. Maybe a book a week!

publicado 16 de feb. a las 13:00 PST


runningwild dice

a lot of people are doing this photo a day exercise, not of course as a part of a challenge in a local newspaper as you did .. this offers an extraordinary insight into the american life to europeans like me ... those canada geese winter here , we probably tagged them we protect them, please don't eat them thank you .. coyotes? wolverish things, MY GOD .. YOU DRIVE EVERYWHERE .. IT SEEMS MORE ROUGH AND READY BUT RICHER THAN EUROPE IN MANY PLACES .. NO OLD BUILDINGS OK I DON.T EXPECT YOU TO HAVE THOUSAND YEAR OLD CATHEDRALS. BUT I MISS OUR LANDMARKS WHICH HAVE BEEN HERE FOR CENTURIES

publicado 15 de feb. a las 23:01 PST

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