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With her photo essay, My Brother’s War, Jessica Hines attempts to gain a better understanding of what happened to her brother, Gary, when he was a soldier in the American war in Viet Nam. Drafted, he served two years and returned home a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ten years later, he took his own life. Hines photographs the letters that he wrote and, with diligence, managed to locate and speak with some of his wartime friends. More recently, Hines traveled to Viet Nam to retrace her brother’s “footsteps”. The research and resulting photography has revealed much about the nature of veterans’ experiences in Viet Nam and the nature of suffering that ensues when a family loses a loved one to war.

"It's a remarkable photobook that conveys an important political message as well as the compelling story of a personal tragedy that confronts some difficult, universal truths. Brilliant combination of great photography, thoughtful text, and excellent book design. Highly recommended!"–Jim Casper, Lens Culture

The New Yorker Magazine "Photo Booth"

Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010: Grand Prize Winner, from the series "My Brother's War"


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Elizabeth Avedon
lavedon USA
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lorenzodom dice

Jessica, first and foremost congratulations on your Lens Culture award! Wow! The Grand Prize!

That said, I am not surprised, especially after reviewing your book here on blurb. It is a wonderful pictorial, so exquisitely rendered that I immediately knew I wanted one! I can't wait to visit you in Georgia and look forward to seeing your work in person.

I too have my books here on blurb. Please check them out:


Author of 25 Lessons I’ve Learned about Photography,
the #1 Photo Essay and Artist Biography on for 2010!


publicado 05 de nov. a las 11:40 PST


VisionSense dice

Fascinating approach - Congratulations...

publicado 14 de sep. a las 13:22 PST


sahoward1 dice

Incredible work by a brilliant artist. This collection should be at the Whitney NOW!

publicado 19 de ago. a las 08:38 PST


Samirak dice

This is a really powerful story and beautifully done.

publicado 13 de ago. a las 16:05 PST


tylorbelshe dice

I was truly moved by this work. Being a recent Vet i find it hard to express and expose what it was like to be in war. I found a common place and could relate while looking at these photos.

publicado 20 de mar. a las 08:58 PST


Soundh dice

very emotionally powerful, very awe inspiring.

publicado 19 de mar. a las 17:37 PST


nedmorid dice

Very touching, loved the book..Congradulations...cheers!

publicado 16 de mar. a las 17:11 PST


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