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My second book based on the contents of


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Dave Pearson
davep Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England

Fecha de publicación  01 de febrero de 2010

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  92 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

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davep dice

Thanks for your comments Julie.

It's a shame that you've got the impression that this is nothing more than snapping about wildly -- nothing could be further from the truth. The contents of this book are drawn from this project:

It is, of course, a photoblog. The point and purpose of the photoblog is that it *isn't* "one subject or one style". It's a record of my day-to-day life. My life isn't all about one subject, and neither do I live it in one style. Many things compete for my time. Many things are happening, and continue to happen. Many emotions pull me in very different ways. Every single photo on the blog, and in the two books I've made from it so far (both of which are first and foremost intended for my own enjoyment), is carefully considered, has personal meaning attached, can and does personally evoke the sights, sounds and emotions that existed at that time.

So, really, there *is* one subject: me. You're right about the style, of course, but there's a point and purpose behind that too.

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runningwild dice

this is quite good work but if i were you i wouldn't snap about wildly now i would concentrate on one subject or one style and try to do it in depth ... i would also join the royal photographic lsociety to see what the challenge is these days ... try to take up some of their exhibitions and portfolios ...get your work judged so you can develop

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