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An homage to the unusual beauty of downtown San Francisco-~old and new:

"When I awoke in the morning, and looked from my windows over the city of San Francisco ... I could scarcely keep my hold on reality at all ... and seemed to myself like one who had moved in 'worlds not realized.' " Richard Henry Dana


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Joyce Hendrickson
JoyceHendrix San Francisco, CA

The author began her writing/publishing career in Chicago, where she lived for 30 years before moving to San Francisco. She has worked in all aspects of magazine, newspaper, book, and technical documentation publishing. Joyce has a degree in Creative Writing from Columbia College, Chicago and is a graduate of the Master's Program in Creative Writing at San Francisco State. Her Blurb book library continues to grow.

Fecha de publicación  26 de enero de 2010

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robinaofsf dice

Hi Joyce, really beautiful pictures. You have a great eye.

publicado 27 de sep. a las 10:45 PST

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