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The F-86 was the first operational allied swept-wing jet fighter and was also reputedly the first aeroplane to break the sound barrier when on 1 October 1947 (shortly before Captain Charles 'Chuck' Yeager's official sonic boom in the Bell X-I) North American test pilot George Welch exceeded Mach 1 during a test flight in the prototype, the XP-86.

As well as an axial-flow jet engine, swept-wings and a swept-tail other innovations included a highly ergonomic cockpit with outstanding visibility and powered flying controls.

The first production run was the 'A' model, one of which scored the first swept-wing victory over a MiG-15 during the Korean War. The type was continuously developed and went on to have a long and successful career: it was the first jet-powered fighter operated by many countries and remained in active front-line service until 1994. The Sabre was the most produced Western jet fighter and nearly 10,000 of the series were built.

This book focuses on 48-178, the only example of the original 'A' model variant that remains airworthy.


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Fecha de publicación  26 de enero de 2010

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mlinney dice

Thanks Old Chap - I'll bring a bottle of Gordon's!

publicado 02 de feb. a las 09:19 PST


flygg dice

very impressive Mark. The format you've chosen is perfect. I'd love to see a hard copy the next time your round for a GnT ;-)

publicado 02 de feb. a las 08:27 PST


mlinney dice

Thank you for the comment. I'm using Blurb to prototype the book, so for me it is still work in progress. Hopefully we will be able to improve it further and get it published more widely.

publicado 27 de ene. a las 23:20 PST


jaynegrote dice

I ran across your book tonight. When I showed it to my husband (who is a retired AF fighter pilot), he all but jerked the computer out of my hands! All I kept hearing was "Wow!" Thanks for a jaunt back in time & for producing such a well-composed book.

publicado 27 de ene. a las 22:17 PST

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