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Benton Jones is taking the art of glass fusion to new limits. Working and living in Brewster, MA, Benton has become an integral Cape Cod artist, upholding a century old Cape tradition.

“I make my living from sand. Glass is sand,” Benton explains, “This elemental connection with the Cape has compelled me and several generations of glass artists to make this peninsula our home.”

With 20 years of experience and degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, Ecoles Des Beaux-Arts, and the Johnson Atelier, Benton has developed a distinctive voice through his art.

“Each vase has a unique character because they are captured in motion. Starting with layers of glass perched on a mold, I then heat my kiln until a vessel takes shape. Through peepholes, I determine when the vase is complete. At that precise moment, the molten glass is ‘frozen’ by opening and cooling the kiln. The final piece is a living record of that instant in time.”


Acerca del autor

Millstone Sculpture Gallery
bentonjones Brewster, MA

Benton Jones has committed himself to relentless sculptural experimentation and strives to impart layered meaning into each object he creates. Often combining materials with contrasting properties, like molten glass and non-ferrous metals, Jones captures liquid sculpture in mid-motion by precisely choreographed cooling in his kilns.

The search for commonality within disparity, both in subject matter and media choice, is a recurring theme in Jones’ work. He has transformed century old Sandwich Glass remnants into contemporary drop-ring vessels, made a series of work entitled Oceanic Experience from the glass walls of the old Provincetown Aquarium, and, in a collection of ice-like glass sculpture entitled Melting Hemispheres, Jones captured the attention of the New England Cable Network, when he reshaped glass flotation spheres previously in use by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for climate change research, in an effort to draw attention to the issue.

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