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In 2009, Astrid made a pact with herself to get on as many planes as she could possibly manage while still holding down a job.

Between January and December 2009, she has been on an embarrassing number of flights. In September, her resting speed was 50 km/hr. If you want that in miles, you'd better do the maths for yourself.

Along the way, she took her camera to document people and locations all over mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Babylonia, the Mayan Empires, and round some bits of the United States and Canada.

In 2010, she has plans to traipse about New York, Boston, Montreal, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Vancouver, Berlin, Timbuktu, the lost city of Atlantis, South Australia, Central Australia and even Canberra. Yep.

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Astrid Tiefholz
thylacinegir Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Astrid is a picture-taking, word-scribbling, tap dancing, impro(v) addict. Raised in Tasmania, she now lives in Melbourne, Australia, but can't help wandering round the globe when the mood strikes.

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jude234 dice

wow! Previews look amazing ! How soon til I can buy it???

publicado 17 de ene. a las 03:49 PST


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