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Impacting the world in a way that could forever change a person’s life is important work. It is inspirational, meaningful and required. Aiming for a better world is what defines humanity.

Each of us has dreamed of a better world at some point in our journey through life. Whether it is in response to something we see, read or experience, each of us has been moved to think, “What can I do to make this better?” We’ve all thought that whatever we saw was unfair and that something needed to be done. The challenge lies in figuring out how to do something and where to begin.

What follows in this book are tools, tips and inspiration for you to continue your quest to impact the world. Whether you’re a new member to a board, are in your first job as professional fundraiser, or you just want to help, this book is for you. I want you to succeed at bringing your passions to life. I want you to be able to say, “I impacted the world in a way that forever changed a person’s life!”


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Bill Pratt
Billyrun Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Inspirational. Team Builder. Dream Broker. Coach. These are the words used by others to describe Bill Pratt.

Bill is a Certified Fundraising Professional (CFRE) who has worked passionately in the past 17 years to make an impact. He has proven his leadership capabilities in many ways. Some of his notable impacts have been made with Shelter Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Community College, the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan and the Queen City Marathon. Currently, he is the Executive Director of iDE Canada.

He has achieved personal excellence in the past as a swimmer, water polo player and runner.

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ronalddale dice

Hi Bill - congratulations on your first book and I know more will come....there can never be enough inspirational books written on the topic of community investment or philanthropy...especially from a coaching coached both our children when they were young and I want to take the time to THANK YOU for that..and now I need to buy your book and enjoy the READ...


publicado 08 de ene. a las 07:04 PST


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