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Photographs from a diving trip to Gangga, Indonesia, in North Sulawesi. Photographs taken at about 20 dive sites in the area, such as Gangga Island, Bangka Island and the Lembeh Strait where some of the best muck diving in the world is to be found.


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hellosh dice

Hi Jeff, thanks! This was actually my first outing with an underwater setup. I used a Canon G10 with Ikelite housing and an Ikelite DS51 flash. I was lucky in that most things in Indonesia are tiny so require macro type distances.

I had the camera in macro mode nearly the entire time, so everything had to be within about 18" to be in focus. I managed a few shots from further away, but I shot in RAW mode and edited the photos in Aperture (like Adobe Lightroom), so that I could radically change the white balance to undo the blue cast from the water or change exposure for darker photos.

To take good shots that aren't macro I think requires a lot of flash power, maybe two DS 160 flashes for example. I tried a couple of movies in natural light and even not that deep nearly all the color was gone and unrecoverable. I did not have a decent lamp a video camera would require but a few times I used a small flashlight to help in focusing, especially during twilight and night dives.

Next time I need to try a faster shutter speed if I can, trying to sync with the flash too, because in some cases I could see with fast-moving fish that the flash illuminated most of the scene but the 1/60 second shutter speed still allowed them to move a little and sort of blur a little under the natural light that was present. Clown fish seem to be always in motion and the bright white areas showed this off most clearly. Of course that might force higher flash power or ISO which might introduce more noise, so it's all a tradeoff.

I think that a powerful flash is an absolute necessity, as powerful as possible if you want to do more than close-range shots, as well as shooting in RAW mode if your camera allows it, so that you have more latitude to change white balance and exposure. Diving to a place with colorful things that don't move and you can get close to is a definite plus.

publicado 10 de ene. a las 10:25 PST


jeffdunlap dice

Great photos. Any recommendations for underwater photos?

publicado 10 de ene. a las 09:45 PST

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